Study Online

Online education is a distance learning modality that takes place in Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) created specifically for this purpose (e. example: a virtual classroom), accessible through an Internet connection and containing the necessary tools to carry out the teaching-learning process.

It is also known as virtual education because the student is not in a campus or educational center, but can learn from his home or office. The principle of ubiquity and timelessness is fulfilled, which is why we contemplate an education in any place, at any time and on any device.

In recent years, online education has increased its use, because worldwide there are hundreds of Universities, Institutions and Educational Centers that use the Internet to offer the opportunity to study either to train in professional career programs or postgraduate.

The 100% online study format allows you to organize your study hours, develop your activities and do your homework in flexible schedules, in addition to being part of training experiences with people who are in different professional areas in different parts of the world.

Our model is asynchronous, that is, you do not need to connect on certain days or fixed schedules, you choose the times and days of the week according to your rhythm of life. We have different assessment strategies that adapt to your learning style. Also, you can advance the units if your time permits.

Likewise, the modality is school-based, that is, as a student you enroll in defined academic periods and take subjects with other classmates of your specialty (i.e., from your same career) or with people from other areas thanks to the common courses we have within our innovative educational programs.