Our Philosophy

Institutional Philosophy

The institutional philosophy of UTEL, describes the commitment that the Institution has acquired with society and establishes the frame of reference for the various activities, services, plans and academic programs that are offered, supporting those responsible for the areas that make up the Institution and the faculty in the development of innovative practices to meet educational needs.

UTEL delivers quality, online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with Official Program Accreditation (OPA) aligned with its mission and vision composed of its four fundamental axes and five values that support the operations of the University.

UTEL´s mission is to contribute to the achievement of people´s professional development through innovative teaching.learning processes, based on the efficient use of technological resources within the framework of a flexible, inclusive and committed to quality educational model.

UTEL Vision 2025

UTEL´s seeks to be the educational institution of reference for flexible, innovative, inclusive, and quality higher education.

UTEL´s Vision 2025 reflects its four fundamental axes for the institution, as follows:

  1. UTEL is a flexible University that responds to students’ personal and academic needs.
  2. UTEL, as a social actor, seeks to collaborate in students’ personal and professional success, that is why it constantly searches for technological tools that enhance their learning and life experience
  3. UTEL offers an inclusive, diverse, and plural University that maintains affiliations with academic institutions, social organizations, and businesses, worldwide.
  4. LUTEL promotes quality by optimizing and aligning its administrative and academic processes to support student success.



Collaborate in the personal and professional success of our students, using technology in benefit of their learning and life experience.


we adapt in order to respond to the particular needs of our community.


We seek access to education without limitations, adapting our educational model and establishing partnerships, to give the same possibilities of professional and personal development.

Commitment to quality:

We work optimizing administrative and academic processes, to hve our students satisfaction.


we believe that education is the main tool to promote human development from the equity, justice and equality perspective.