About Us

Online learning experience

We are a worldwide digital native university that combines technology with education expertise to provide innovative, affordable world-class learning experiences 100% online.

Our educational model is student-centered and encourages collaborative learning. We have a 24/7 platform available for you to study wherever and whenever you want. We are flexible and adapt to your lifestyle.

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The Emerging Future

Emerging markets and emerging people represent 80% of global population and 59% of global GDP. In the next 20 years their global share will grow significantly. The future requires quality, affordable and flexible online higher education for emerging people everywhere. This is UTEL’s mission.

UTEL believes the future is now. Our goal is for adult learners everywhere to be included in the fast moving and evolving economy.

Learn from the best

In only 10 years we have grown quickly to become one of the leading online higher education companies serving a global learning community. We are over 900 specialized faculty members, active in multiple institutions and experts in online education, in alliance with worldwide universities and industry leading companies in order to offer our students a global vision.

We became part of an education and employment enterprise ecosystem with a span of 18 countries including Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Our Story


At UTEL we are always at the forefront. We know that the job market is constantly evolving and is affected by demographic, new technologies and economic factors; above all, the need to develop new skills and competencies for new jobs that did not exist until today or that have been transformed vertiginously.

Our educational programs are focused on industry trends and ensuring that students, in addition to acquiring academic knowledge, become professionals capable of adapting to different management styles and ways of working, demonstrating commitment, leadership and proactivity.



Think Global

Today we are proud to serve students in more than 60 countries across 5 continents, helping them earn their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Our 100% online academic offer is supported by various international institutions and has an academic equivalency in the U.S.

Global Partners

In order to enrich our students university experience, we offer useful tools for their development and establish alliances with renowned organizations and institutions worldwide

We are committed to maintain and accredit the educational quality of our programs, this is why we collaborate with international organizations that share the perspective to improve the professional development of our students.